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Madame Yucca

by | Aug 30, 2023

Mary Anna Carson was known as Madame Yucca in various circuses in the late 1800’s. One of relative few performing strong women, Yucca was also billed as “The Female Sandow,” “The Female Samson,” or “The Female Hercules” — take your pick. Yucca was, however, the real deal in the strength department, she could lift a 1200 lb. horse with the aid of a harness and a 170 lb. man sitting in a chair — or a 300 lb. anvil — with her teeth. Above, a rare shot of Yucca hoisting a globe barbell. She was also quite fond of lifting kettlebells.

We did a very cool Madame Yucca Mug which you can get here, plus here’s a video feature:

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