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Duncan C. Ross

by | Sep 27, 2023

Duncan C. Ross was one of the great “All-Around” Athletes of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He earned his spot in the Allen And Ginter Sport card series above with a 78 foot throw of a 21 lb. hammer.

Ross’ accolades don’t stop there, however, his initial athletic success began as a swordsman, winning the World’s Rapier Championship in Paris in 1882.

Making his way to American shortly after, Ross took up the mat game and scrapped with Evan Lewis, William Muldoon, Matsuda Sorakichi, Edwin Bibby, Clarence Whistler and other noted stars of the Day.

Ross was also exceptional at track and field and other related events, even becoming one of of the few men to ever defeat the great Donald Dinnie, which he did in a contest in 1882 consisting of stone putting and hammer throwing. (Ross put the heavy stone 44 feet, 9-1/2 inches to Dinnies 43 feet 7-1/2 inches and threw the heavy hammer 102 feet, 10-1/2 inches to Dinnies 101 feet 7 inches.) 

A newspaper report from 1890 stated that Ross could put a 250 lb. dumbbell overhead with one hand but the style was not mentioned.

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