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Louis Durlacher – “Professor Attila”

by | Sep 3, 2023

The man who originated globe barbells, the Roman Chair, the art of tearing playing cards and who discovered Eugen Sandow was Louis Durlacher, also known professionally as “Professor Attila.”

Attila essentially “invented” the bent-press and became the first man to perform the lift with over 200 pounds. His student, Eugen Sandow, went on to bent-press 271 pounds.

In 1894, he came to America and established his famous Health Studio in New York City. In addition to Sandow, Attila’s list of other students reads like a “Who’s Who” of All-Time Strength greats: Warren Lincoln Travis, Lionel Strongfort, G.W. Rolandow, Henry Titus, Professor Anthony Barker, Bobby Pandour, Louis Cyr, Horrace Barre, Arthur Dandurand, and Adolph Nordquest.

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