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The 1920 French Olympic Weightlifting Team

by | Sep 18, 2023

A look at the 1920 French Olympic Weightlifting team. Ten weightlifters, two in each weight class, represented France at the 1920 Antwerp Olympic Games. From left to right: Joseph Duchateau (Heavyweight), Maurice Devene (Light-Heavyweight), Henri Gance (Middleweight), Paul Ledran (Middleweight), Jean Vacquette (Lightweight), Fernand Arnout (Lightweight), Ernest Cadine (Light-Heavyweight), Andre Delloue (Featherweight), Jean Ducher (Featherweight). Not pictured: Louis Bernot (Heavyweight). Cadine and Gance both won Gold Medals and Bernot won Bronze. France was the only country that year to win two championships. Note that Cadine, Gold medal winner and World Record holder, appears to have the largest and most muscular arm of the whole group.
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