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The Mark Eden Bust Developer

by | Sep 26, 2023

The Mark Eden Bust Developer is a fascinating but oft-forgotten chapter in strength training (and advertising and mail/order) history. The Mark Eden Bust Developer was advertised in women’s magazines throughout the 1960’s and 70’s and it was said that they sold thousands of them for $9.99 (which equals around $85 in today’s money.)

Various models, (who were already quite impressively well-endowed) including the Playboy centerfold June Wilkinson, and Anita Paul (above) were typically highlighted as success stories.

The Developer was a pink, plastic clam-shaped device (shown above) which which provided resistance from a single spring as the operator pushed the two sides together.

It did an excellent job of strengthening the pectoral muscles, but the claims that it would increase actual bust size were dubious at best — so much so that the developers behind this device, Jack and Eileen Feather, were taken to court by the Federal Trade Commission for mail order fraud and misleading claims!

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