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The Q.V.P.C.C.

by | Sep 26, 2023

The only identifier on this photo is Q.V.P.C.C — the last three letters in the abbreviation likely stands for “Physical Culture Club” but no idea about the Q.V. part (Quo Vadis? Queen Victoria? Something Valley?)

— We’ll probably never know for sure.

The George F. Jowett Seat-of-Strength rowing machine in the lower right likely dates this photo to the 1920’s.

Based on their obviously home-made weights and other equipment (check out the box-barbell on the left), one thing that I think that we can certainly conclude is these gents had goals of building size and strength at a time when it wasn’t convenient to do so, and then figured out ways to make them happen — no excuses! (Still a good lesson today.)

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