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Don Booth

by | Nov 20, 2023

Weightlifter Don Booth, captain of the Denver Central YMCA weightlifting team, demonstrates the form that helped him with a silver medal in 165-pound class in the 1962 National YMCA Championships. Denver Central YMCA, meet director of the Rocky Mountain AAU Championships looks on. In his career, Don Booth won 28 State Olympic Weightlifting Championships in all and six Regional championships (notably being the only person in the United States to win two regions in the same year.) At 38 years of age, Booth weight back to college to finish his degree, and, became the world’s oldest competitive college weight lifter. At he 1972 Pennsylvania state championships, Booth totaled 855 pounds in the press (260), snatch (255), and clean and jerk (340), good enough for second place in the 181-pound class!
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