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The Daily Dozen by Walter Camp

by | Nov 29, 2023

In the early part of the 20th century, the first World War was brewing, and when it became obvious that America would have to start sending her sons “over there” there was a real question whether the potential troops would be physically up to it.

One of the figures asking that question was Walter Camp — yes, THAT Walter Camp, the legendary head football coach at Yale University, a man who had not a small hand in creating the game of football.

Camp created a simple workout consisting of twelve exercise — the titular “Daily Dozen” — that required no equipment which could (and ostensibly should) be performed by every man, woman, and child to improve physical the level of physical preparedness.

Camp strongly beloved that while, yes, it was important that young men of fighting age should be strong and fit, it was just as important for older men, women, and even children to become more conditioned as well.

With the clouds of war now on the horizon, everyone will be called upon to do their part and the stronger “we” (as a nation) are, the greater likelihood that we will be prepared should the fighting ever make it to our shores.

This was sound reasoning on several fronts..

And here we are over a century later, and quite frankly, that notion is no less true, perhaps even more so.

In case you might be interested, an original copy of Walter Camp’s “Daily Dozen” course from 1921which has been scanned in glorious high-resolution is available in The Iron League.

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