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Zuver’s Gym 5 lb. Barbell Plate

by | Nov 29, 2023

We’ve covered Zuver’s Gym before. For many years, Jean Zuver, wife of the Rev. Bob Zuver was a member of my email list and would write in all the time telling us how much she enjoyed our oldtime materals. She even sent us a copy of the book she wrote and some personal pictures from the gym. One day Jean wrote in to tell us that there was a whole bunch of old barbell plates from Zuver’s gym just rusting away in the shed out in back of her house, and would we be interested in them? Our answer was a definite yes, but since these plates held great personal meaning to her and the family, we were hesitant to take them off her hands… There are strength equipment “vultures” out there who would have handled this type of situation a whole lot differently. The “Big” Zuver plates, 50-200 pounds tend to get most of the press, but there was all different denominations. Here’s a look at a 5-pounder. A pair of these would set you back $14.95 in 1969 which, adjusted for inflation, is a little over $100 in today’s money. (And no, we DO NOT have them for sale.)
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