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Galen Gough’s Beer Barrel Barbell

by | Feb 4, 2024

Another look at Galen Gough’s excellent Beer Barrel Barbell. Back in the 1930’s Gough went on a beer fast — for 30 days, he ate and drank nothing else but Oertel’s beer. He ended up losing 25 pounds in the process. Also, just to show that he suffered no ill will while on his beer diet Gough also performed feats of strength daily, among them:

  1. Dangling a cast iron anvil in his mouth while an assistant whacks it with a sledge hammer.

  2. “Biting” an iron bar into a horse shoe.

  3. Lifting a bar bell attached to a couple of beer kegs (above)

  4. Holding an iron bar in his teeth while three men dangle on each end

  5. Let an eight ton Oertel beer truck run over his stomach
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