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The King of Strength Reveals His Secret!

by | Feb 1, 2024

How about this awesome advertisement for Arthur Saxon’s great book “The Development of Physical Power” which ran in Strength & Health magazine in the mid-1930’s? In 1934, when this ad originally ran, you could order a copy for $1.00… adjusting for inflation, that’s $19 in today’s money so you are actually getting a deal by ordering your copy right here. If memory serves, many moons ago, a young Brooks Kubik obtained a stack of old magazines and among them was an early issue of Strength and Health which contained this very ad. It inspired Brooks to dive deeper into the Iron Game of many decade’s past and that experience led him to eventually write the modern classic Dinosaur Training, which has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to start using long lost training methods — so we have much to thank Arthur Saxon for besides the obvious.
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